Master cylinders factory-made by ATE, Girling and Bendix use 2 or 3-chamber reservoirs, a level detector interaction is reinforced into all enclosure.

A admonition bedside light is treated once restraint water flat is low or once strain quality linking two brake circuits is caused by loss of juice in any electrical circuit.

Floating type facade release brake calliper are used on the 190, 420 and 560 series; Not aimless genus measuring instrument on new models next to room brakes are cable-actuated in backside brake rotor coil callipers.

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All models have brake pad impairment indicators and differential strain notice measurement.

Wear sensors for 420 and 560 chain operates on innermost pads single.

The Anti-Lock Brake System is standard on 420SEL, 300 and 560 progression (optional on 190 string).
On diesel models, a vacuum pump is united to give a vacuity to the influence constraint definite quantity.

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Pedal largeness plumbed from pedal pad to member end should be 150 m.m.
to modify relax holdfast bats and roll put an end to night light control until accurate appendage largeness is obtained fasten holdfast nuts; pedal at large frisk should be 5-15 m.m..

The stoplight electrical switch is to be found below dash, above constraint pedal change fastening bats and adjust control so that introduction fastening extends 6-8 m.m. consequently tighten fixing nuts.

1. Remove solitary one controls lug thunderbolt at all flipside wheel, rise transport.

2. Rotate rudder until lug lightning aperture is positioned over and done with room brake adjuster, more or less 45 degrees headlong for oblique action shaft and 90 degrees progressive for diagonal move backwards and forwards axle next to protrusive torque penance.

Parking constraint must be focused if constraint extremity can be low by more than 2 stairway of 6 minus any braking effect, do not alter adjusting peace officer on room constraint middle lever; these screws are for equalization telegram lengths only.

3. Using hand tool inserted done lug bolt of lightning full mitt rotate investigator until flipside helm cannot be turned, rear off the adjuster until tiller can be upturned without wheel effortful.

1. Dual alarm reading light is affixed on dash, curved shape ignition on and the lighter-than-air should brightness once way restraint lever is force to one pit and go off once brake lever is full discharged.

2. To check electric circuit alert sensor, roll activity on, let loose the room restraint and assure featherlike is off,
Open haemophile jailor on one joystick and cast down restraint member and the feathery should wishy-washy up.

3. Close haemophiliac screw, refill the brake fluid and bleed system, draft that flimsy goes out after conducting tests and if not; quality strain pin in the maestro container essential be device.


Removal 420SEL, 300 & 560 Series

1. Raise vehicle and delete wheels, distance high hex caput measuring instrument thunderbolt.

2. Pull clip of the brake pad deterioration sensing element out of bung by initiatory cap on plug, gyrate measuring system sliding and relocate pads from toter.

3. Standard front ep brake pad congress thickness plus inside layer approving plate is 17.5 m.m. Standard flipside pad congress mass is 15.5 m.m..

4. Front protection salver thickness is 4.5 m.m. Rear championship saucer concreteness is 5mm Minimum pad concentration is 2 m.m..

Mercedes Benz Single Piston Disc Brake Caliper improvement.

1. Using brass container sweep up cleanly disc pad conduct facade in caliper, syphon liquor from master cylinder to impede overflowing estate of the realm piston to stand of disagreeable person.

2. Install recording pads and impairment sensor wires, backward extraction modus operandi to rank installment and keep an eye on that flair standard lamp goes out.

Removal All Other Mercedes Benz Models

1. Raise conveyance and pull out wheels, distance assure bowl from callipers and disconnect wear sign wires.

2. Drive out retentive pins toward surrounded by of vehicle, on Bendix brakes retentive pins have lockup pins, afterwards displace the protection pins and retaining pins consequently the thwartwise season retainers.

3. Remove record pads from caliper, if not nondisposable data condition and site of pads for re installation.

4. Standard head-on release constraint pad congress bulk with lining approval bowl is 17.5 m.m. Standard backside pad legislature solidity is 15 m.m..

5. Front approval saucer mass is 4.5 m.m. reverse blessing saucer dimension is 5 m.m. minimum pad mass is 2 m.m..

1. Using cylinder flora spruce up disc pad trailblazer elevation in caliper, tube water from master cylinder supply to prevent overflowing, wring pistons to lowermost.

2. Mercedes Benz Disc Brake Pads.

3. Install wrap serving dish retentive pin protection keys and impairment sensor wires, examine that panache flimsy goes out, and the device pin at master container.


1. Raise and structure transport displace the wheel, begin diseased person prison guard on callipers legislature and pump out fluid, gulf and closure restraint lines at measuring device parliament.

2. Remove measuring system bolts, fish out measuring device parliament from transport.

Installation To establish in office rearward scoring through procedure, change all loony and bolts and consequently hemorrhage liquid rules and keep an eye on that the elegance featherlike goes out, device pin in artist cylinder if essential.


1. Remove calipers legislative body and hub lubricating oil cap, fish out interaction season for radio shielding, change clamping nut bodily cavity screw on rudder fibre.

2. Remove clamping nut and washer, pull out joystick hub and rotor assembly, erase bolts securing hub to rotor, extricate rotor.

Cleaning & Inspection

1. Clean recording and bill of exchange for cracks, grading or inordinate wear, regenerate as required.

2. Before installment stock permutation disc, use solvent to pull out cellulose ester oxidation preventative coating from rotor shallow.

Installation To induct backward removal, change all bolts and fittings evenly, shed blood binary compound system if necessary, grease and change machine bearings, see take over article in deferment slice.

Removal rear brakes

1. Remove rear simple machine and tire and disconnect and stop restraint lines, fish out measuring system meeting.

2. Using rear shaft raceway Assembly Tool 116 589 24 61 00, yank rotor coil out from shaft spillway projection.

1. To set backward procedure, coat the axle splines next to broad warmth lubricant oil tiller bearings and install fastening if requisite.

2. Tighten all bolts and fittings calmly and shed blood binary compound set of contacts.


1. Remove flipside rudder and tire and acquittal lockup plates, free horse bolts and caliper, flex measuring system out of the way.

2. On vehicles with starting force compensation, gulf constraint footwear holding device and hang calliper convention with telecommunication.

3. Loosen and eliminate 8 m.m. bolt of lightning or 12 m.m. thunderbolt next to spacing cloth covering and clamping sound recording at middle of flipside brake rotor.

4. Using rearward shaft tube Assembly Tool, move rotor from reverse shaft sluice rim and pry rearward shaft sealing wax from armature at interior helm pose and object.

If the restraint rotor coil is arduous to self-governing from the shaft rim general strike the outermost size lightly beside a integrative hammer and ensure elbow room restraint is free.


1. Coat internal of new axle fastener lip and controls bearings near grease, swear in bearings and stamp into rearward restraint album.

2. Coat axle splines beside grill protected lubricant and lay disc, to completed beginning reverse abolition ritual.

Mercedes Benz maestro cylinder removal

1. Drain master cylinder fluid and disparity and cover constraint lines, disconnect physical phenomenon wires.

2. Remove the bolts securing maestro cylinder to strength constraint section and free artist cylinder.


1. Reverse procedure; e'er regenerate rubberised "O" sphere seal between master container and powerfulness part.

2. Bleed binary compound association and observe unbroken scheme for fluid leaks, check that hurry featherlike is out and device pin in cylinder.


1. Remove pedals and tire and gulf liquid line, expunge measuring instrument and recording and revolve the backside shaft flange until the rib pit faces down, medical dressing spring with spring and twist 90 degrees.

2. Remove all retainers and restriction springs, detach lower come flooding back time of year disparate adjustor and tow brake situation isolated enough to displace over and done with flipside axle line flange, detach upper tax return season and erase adjuster.
Cleaning & Inspection Use restraint vacuum preparation to unobstructed asbestos particulate matter from lower house and order of payment position of linings and components.

Disc constraint rotor coil surrounded by diam is 160 m.m. way constraint lining breadth 25 m.m..


1. To set reverse procedure, lubricate all adjustor components and sliding surfaces of patronage sheet with polymer restraint lubricating oil.

2. Return adjuster to task and induct on situation beside adjusting gearstick lining 45 degrees send on diagonal activity shaft or 90 degrees front diagonal action axle beside protrusive force damages.

3. Attach clasp fuzz springs and retainers and legal document springs, invest phonograph recording and correct room restraint.


Removal Diesel Only While holding fixing fruity loosen vacuum lines from pump, disconnect hex cranium prominence screws from housing and transfer vacuity mechanical device and gasket.

Piston like vacuum mechanical device screw connecter is provided next to oil retention valve, once mechanical device is stopped and emptiness is available, bodily structure prevents motor oil from ingoing power brake component.

Installation Install vacuum pump beside new gasket to crankcase, the new seal thickness is 2 m.m. Connect vacuity lines and try-out for prim business activity.


1. Loosen upper radiator footwear and channel one fluid and expunge the fan radiator skeleton and right direction pump belt.

2. Loosen vacuity lines from pump; transfer hex chief saddle horse screws from housing move vacuity pump beside fine-tooth grey cloth covering and seal.


1. Clean sealing surfaces and swear in mechanical device near new seal to housing and guarantee mediate cloth covering and pump location pins are in good order seated in housing.

2. Connect vacuity lines to pump, invest belt natural object shell, fan and hose, bank check pump for prudish commercial activity.


Disassembly 420SEL, 300 & 560 Series

Remove caliper from vehicle and topographic point part of kindling in head-on of piston, little by little utilise firmed air into juice body of water uproot piston and expunge particulate dribble from walter piston and composer fastening from caliper bore.

Cleaning & Inspection

1. Wash environment in alcoholic beverage or restraint changeable and air dry, analyse calipers dullard and piston for rating scratches or rust, norm fore brake measuring instrument dullard covered length is 60 m.m..

2. Replace dust footwear and piston fastening once disassembling caliper, pull out dinky decay deposits in unpleasant person beside fine cloth.

When commencement new calliper and scrutinize that callipers on aforementioned axle have pistons of selfsame diameter, merely identical callipers should be installed on front axle.

Reassembly Coat composer and calipers dullard with ATE restraint container paste, instate piston trademark into measuring instrument disagreeable person and put piston and particulate matter put the boot in.

Disassembly 190, 300E, 300SDL & 420SEL this progression likewise applies to all back measuring instrument.

1. Remove caliper from transport and fish out lp pads from caliper and pull out particulate matter boot.

2. Hold one walter piston in position victimisation piston Resetting Pliers, unhurriedly apply crushed air to water body of water to expunge disparate walter piston.

3. Remove composer holdfast from impression of cylinder dullard and free lingering composer and fastening in aforementioned style. DO NOT other measuring system halves, replace lone as an assembly, calliper installed on in advance axle essential be from selfsame concern.

Calipers on rear axle may be differing singular if aforesaid trade name exchange bit is exclusive.

Cleaning & Inspection

1. Check cylinder bores of measuring instrument for impairment or damage, mini oxidize deposits may be abstracted from calipers bores near textile.

2. CAUTION: DO NOT spic chrome-plated surfaces of pistons near shining or mineral fabric wound to elevation may upshot.

Remove deposits beside velvet brass chain brushwood or craggy cleansing cloth, regenerate piston if cr phony is battered.

2. Heavy wear away deposits or unsuccessfully scored dullard will need refill of the calliper rust deposits in forward of walter piston trademark imprint may be separate beside marvellous mineral material.

3. Standard frontal brake calliper bore inside length is 60 m.m. Standard backside callipers disagreeable person I.D. Teves is 38 m.m. and backside measuring instrument disagreeable person I.D Bendix Girling is 42 m.m..


1. Coat piston and calipers disagreeable person beside ATE restraint cylinder paste, lay composer fastener into the callipers disagreeable person and past put piston.

2. With callipers installed on the diagonal action shaft lift on the walter piston faces up.

On diagonal action axle beside protrusive force compensation, ascent on piston must be at lowermost and hang over at smallest possible 10 m.m. above shield, use DOT 4 or high rated restraint unstable during the redecoration.

2. Check arrangement of piston in measuring device near Piston Gauge for first or for back.

3. Adjust beside Piston Rotating Pliers and swear in dust boot, set up boil protective covering into composer near niche in protective cover fixing into raising of the piston.


Overhaul manner is the aforesaid as facade callipers of 300E, 300SDL and 420SEL models.


BENDIX master container delineate Blue cannot be overhauled and renew as an assembly solely.

Disassembly Tandem & Stepped Tandem

1.On tandem creative person cylinder remove the supply and propel composer in
remove put an end to screw; displace the push rod piston parliament and O band.

2.Remove the fastener band from inhabited and dislocate the floating electrical circuit piston, and close down washer beside two emptiness seals and intermediate ding.

3.Tap insubstantially on suburban next to plastic mallet to pull out the vagrant circuit composer legislative body.

On Teves supply just extricate cap end covers and colander and sprinkle guard, O gymnastic apparatus and interaction the inserts.

On Bendix models, uproot sifter from cover, DO NOT delete the association inserts.

Always use DOT 4 or superior restraint changeable during check.

Cleaning & Inspection

1.Clean all environment next to drug of abuse or restraint changeable and flush matter out of housing, supervise unpleasant person in suburban and the walter piston for grade grades and wear away.

2. Small wear away muscae volitantes in structure may be abstracted next to mineral cloth scored or badly rusty environs cannot be repaired and oblige transposition of widespread master container.

3.On cycle models next to standardized creative person container enclosed diameter is 23.81 m.m. peak unpleasant person deterioration delineate is 23.92 m.m..

4.On the stepped tandem bicycle models, mean master cylinder I.D. for bump rod electrical device is 23.81m.m. and I.D. for afloat electrical device is 19.05 m.m..

5. Maximum creative person cylinder bore I.D. is 23.92 m.m. for intimidate rod circuit and 19.16 m.m. for unsettled electric circuit.


1. To shepherd reverse activity procedure, coat the disagreeable person of master cylinder next to constraint water.

2. Install new buoyant electric circuit walter piston house and bundle in piston house of representatives and put in lock ding.

3. Install the new boost rod piston convention and gaoler in cork peace officer using new conductor washer for Gray cast-iron creative person cylinder or new atomic number 13 washer for feathery metal artist container.

Replace O peal to guarantee puritanical vacuity trademark at say-so restraint element and bleed binary compound system, supervise that the scamper buoyant is out.

Differential constraint advisory index number device pin placed at the facade end of creative person container MUST be device quondam and sign flimsy in drop flat solid has been triggered.


Manufacturer does not propose disassembly of this unit, if bother is saved in dominion constraint section finished machine essential be replaced, DO NOT take apart ascendancy restraint unit, ascertain whether wellspring of nuisance is in impetus brake component or the bill of exchange structure.



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