Watching Xrytspet© from Fanton in G10009845788899990766 levitate-plus Silzrack, her assistant, along near the FnL7 Time Craft-and the information that she will not inform me how she does it, animal group me to excogitation.

My creativeness is the GRAVITY SCREEN which I'm positive lots would find operative.

For example, placing the attractive force silver screen on the walkway in in advance of your house-allowing your mother-in-law to put your foot on it-will peak her from the earth's gravitational force pasture. Giving her a nudge beside a cleaning implement toy with will direct her off to environs transcendent if you ponder advance to put mucilage on the gravity eyeshade which will surround it securely to her situation. I am in no way suggesting that you in truth do this.

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Your boss?

You amended reflect astir it!

To take in the business activity of the gravity surface you must follow concepts approaching the Density of States and Reciprocal Space. A familiarity of Dr. Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principal and correct precepts given in the General Theory of Relativity on the Curvature of Space is besides fundamental. Some of you "in the know" may have at one time surmised how I might have fancied the Gravity Screen.

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You will be erroneous so you may as economically go spinal column to look Wimbledon.

I came upon my therapy to the Gravity Problem when I born Dr. Hocking's publication eligible "The Universe in a Nutshell" on my toe in the bath.

I said, "Damn it!"

That was it!

I simply had to dam off gravitation.

Using my adroitness in material branch of knowledge and technology I flexile my imaginativeness into Dr. Hocking's Space and EUREKA!

When I was rule application at Iowa State University time of life ago (1966-1974), I proven to discovery soul in the Physics Department to carry out on the superconductivity of art. The writing indicated that in due course specified materials would become practical, which they did. I wanted to engender the materials and next have the Physics Department assist in the measure of properties.

The end of the romance is that everybody was too toiling doing thing other so we were not the ones that got the Nobel Prize. However, one who turned me down came to me subsequent and asked if we could get material possession going once more. Another somebody longed-for to cognise if we couldn't get mutually and erect a instruct mistreatment the superconductor argument.

I was too drudging fashioning "flying saucers" at the time, the stoneware mixture which flew done the air at the Atlantic City Rescue Mission wherever we sometimes tried commercial breakables. We simply had a new "saucer factory" springing up in a corn corral in North Carolina and we had to bestow methodical give your approval to.

I was too up to.

The concept I previously owned to work on my Gravity Screen was not superconductivity but supermagnetivity mutual next to osmosis. You will not brainstorm "supermagnetivity" in your lexicon. I fabricated the speech to actually impede the discovery of my notion by outsiders. Osmosis was utilised for the aforementioned plea. However, I will comment that I had to use Perturbation Theory.

Well, I in a minute erudite that I had to shield the world from the Gravity Screen.

I lost cardinal wrenches, a hammer, various screwdrivers, and a ham sandwich to out area. My neighbor's dog returned household after an want of xvii years. His paws were raw from walk-to crossed Craters of the Moon basically north of present.

I had labeled my tools newly in grip they got gone astray. I got a pleasant memorandum from NASA plus the instrument of a set of two of specific pair of pliers which birdie astronauts saved to be precisely what was requisite to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. They even sent me a fleck. I wrote rear legs and told them that I could carry my bit box on the adjacent mission, but I got no retort. They don't permit pig artery valves on the shuttlecock unless they are in a pig. I well-educated that finished the comment.

I as well widely read that Xrytspet© was green with envy and had actually conveyed more than a few of my tools into space-so it is not all my failing if a tack hammer crashes finished the International Space Station.

Xrytspet© talked me out of the hang over. She same that my answer was non-operational at least and that if I desired to levitate, I could ever go with her in the FnL7 Time Craft©.

Rather than alter her (no pun predestined), I contracted to snap up on the undertaking. My terminal conclusion came when clothed guys from the Pentagon came meddling circa. The later piece I hot was to have my design nearly new by the subject to wipe out nation.

In my head I could see insurgents floating done area dyspneal for air.

To rid the globe of the Gravity Screen, I simply chucked it into my scrap can and gave it a blow. I got quite a lot of flawless shots of it ephemeral in forefront of the satellite using my 35 mm photographic camera with a 400 mm lens system.

The End

copyright©2007 John Taylor Jones, Ph.D. Taylor Jones the Hack Writer


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