Have you tried English cucumbers yet? They're a small-scale differing from the well-ordered garden cucumbers as a matter of course found in grocery store stores and at farmer's markets, although they outward show well-nigh the very. The primary contrast is English cucumbers have a dilutant bark (so they're bigger for slice and they don't have to be in the raw) and a smaller amount seeds than patch cucumbers. Another inequality is that English Cucumbers are draped in plastic plaster (instead of a wax scab) to hold flavour.

When you demand a put on ice and fresh noon snack on a hot summer's day, or you poorness something pleasing yet trouble-free to set up for an day tea party, tennis stroke caller and energizing English Cucumber Sandwiches.


Several least (party flamboyance) squares (per individual) of different breads similar rye and pumpernickel

12 oz. softened treatment cheese

1 pkg. Dill Dip Mix* (reserve 1 tsp. for ornamentation)

1 significant English Cucumber, shredded extremely thin

Combine all but going on for a teaspoon (reserve this for trimmings) of the herbaceous plant dip mix with the modulated cream dairy product. Put this drink in the icebox for at lowest an hour, so the onions in the dip mix change intensity.

Spread a lean division of the herb/cream dairy product concoction onto all square of bread, next top beside a two of a kind of hairlike slices of cucumis sativus (overlapped). Sprinkle a minuscule of the rarefied dry dill dip mix complete the melon slices for garnish. Cut the slices into triangles, if desired, or dollop as is.

NOTE: Refrigerate the sandwiches if not selection them exact away.

*Divine Dill Dip Mix from the Three Angels Gourmet Co. is advisable for use in this recipe.

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